Golden Wedding Celebrations

over 3 years ago

Congratulations to Judy and Colin Dolley on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Being RDG's longest standing members, we are especially happy to give our love and congratulations to Colin and Judy Dolley as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Since their first appearances with the group in the 1950s they have been part of countless productions, as actors and directors with huge success. Judy also started our youth group, The Sundowners in 1977 and their two daughters, Carolyn and Claire have both contributed their talents to the group.

Judy and Colin had their wedding reception in 1965 at Great Fosters Hotel in Egham and it was there that friends and family gathered on 25th July 2015 to enjoy a lunch and much chat and laughter, reminiscing over the past fifty years. Current RDG Chairman Mark Humble read an entertaining resume of their lives so far and there was musical entertainment performed by Chris Winslet, Diane McGuire, Rebecca Thorn and other RDG members. A memorable day.