Spelthorne and Runnymede Drama Festival Success

almost 4 years ago

Masses of Awards for Runnymede members.....

Oh what a night! Huge congratulations to all the RDGers involved in this lovely Festival - and there were many.....

Judy Dolley's production of Definitely The Bahamas was overall winner of the Festival with Judy collecting the Jane Walters Award for Best Director and Frankie Godliman winning the Best Actress Trophy. There were nominations too for Keith Bollands (Best Actor) and Christin Prustel (Best Supporting Player) and a nomination for the Stage Presentation Award.

Nancy Lund's first production with the newly formed RDG Youth group cleaned up winning the overall Youth Award. The production also won the Stage Presentation Award and 'The Demons' won the Best Supporting Player collectively. Finally, Yasmin Brown and Maisy Jacobs jointly won the Most Promising Youth Player trophy. Many nominations too for this production - Nancy Lund for Best Director, The Technical Merit Award, Nancy Lund for the Adjudicator's Award, and Max Usher and Tom Jacobs for Most Promising Youth Player.

Back to Front Theatre, brought together by Michelle Blake , was highly successful too, winning the Runners Up Trophy, the Technical Merit Award and the Mayor's Backstage Award. Nominations were given to Grace Santry (Most Promising Youth Player), Troy Chessman for Best Supporting Player and Gary Griffiths for the Adjudicator's Award.

Many congratulations to everyone!