Bianca Clark - full credits

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Bianca has been involved in 5 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Bianca has a credit of any kind.

42nd Street

This is the musical production we have chosen for our November 2011 slot at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking. “42nd Street” is a well-known, good old-fashioned musical with some very familiar tunes... about 11 years ago


Based on Barry Manilow's famous story of Lola, the wannabee showgirl, this is a musical of colour and big band sound leaving the audiences full of that feel good factor. about 18 years ago

The Life of Brian - a Celebration of the life of Brian Walters

Brian Walters, who died in December 2006, was a valued and active member of RDG for over 35 years. His many talents and skills meant he contributed to the life of the group in many ways - on stage ... over 15 years ago

Mack and Mabel

Set between 1911 and 1938 “Mack and Mabel” is based on real characters working in the movies during that time in America. The main emphasis of the plot is based around the tumultuous relationship ... about 14 years ago

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Set in New York in 1922 “Thoroughly Modern Millie” tells the story of Millie, a girl from Kansas who comes to New York with the express purpose of transforming herself into a "Modern," a cold-heart... about 16 years ago