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Bill has been involved in 0 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Bill has a credit of any kind.

A+E (Festival)

"Robyn fell, now we're here. That's the facts" At the end of a long party three girls wait in A + E for answers, time ticking by and questions spilling out. Two people meet in a wasteland, sharing... almost 5 years ago

Absent Friends

In Absent Friends, Ayckbourn discards his usual technical high jinks and give us a relatively straightforward situation, a consolatory tea party thrown for Colin by his former friends after the dea... about 17 years ago

Adult Child/Dead Child (Festival)

Adult Child, Dead Child recounts with painful lucidity a loveless child\'s experience of rejection by her family. Originally a monologue Jane Walters clevely didided for five actresses representing... over 18 years ago

All that JazZ - an A - Z of Musicals

All that JazZ (an A to Z of Musicals) The musical romp through the alphabet is fast approaching and so I set out below the programme for you all to digest. This is what we hope will be the final ... about 11 years ago

Amy's View

This play by one of our finest living playwrights, mixes love, death and the theatre in an original way. Funny, moving and fascinating, the play traces actress Esme Allen's changing relationships w... over 17 years ago

Bed (Festival)

Our entry in the 2002 Elmbridge Festival is a surreal exploration of dreams and the twilight world of old age. Bed uses broad humour, dry wit and puns counterpointed by moving poetry to underline t... over 19 years ago

The Beggar's Opera

179th Production. The Beggar’s Opera transports us to a grubby London in the eighteenth century. It’s a world of dashing Highwaymen and women of easy virtue. The pulsating score with lilting folk m... almost 5 years ago

The Birthday Party

Setting - A seaside boarding house. Period 1958 Two sinister strangers arrive at a run-down boarding house enquiring about Stanley Webber, an erstwhile piano player, on the eve of his birthday. S... over 10 years ago

Breaking The Code

A play based on the book Alan Turing, the Enigma by Andrew Hodges. A compassionate and often amusing play concerning the remarkable mind and tragic fate of Alan Turing, mathematician and computer ... over 14 years ago

Broken Glass

Written when Arthur Miller was 78 years old, “Broken Glass” has all the in-depth truth we expect of his plays. It was first presented in England at the National Theatre by Richard Eyre in 1994 with... over 12 years ago

But Yesterday (Festival)

A haunting, lyrical and enigmatic play from the sensitive pen of Jimmie Chinn. Set in an English vicarage garden in the 1950s and before. Prior to leaving on a journey from which he will not return... almost 13 years ago

The Cagebirds (Festival)

David Campton was a prolific writer of one act plays with well over 50 to his credit. Usually his work can be appreciated on different levels. THE CAGEBIRDS is clearly allegorical and thus open to ... over 11 years ago

Calendar Girls

168th production. This play has been specially picked for our November 2012 production at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking. The RDG committee has decided that it would make a most fitting tribute to... almost 9 years ago


Based on Barry Manilow's famous story of Lola, the wannabee showgirl, this is a musical of colour and big band sound leaving the audiences full of that feel good factor. almost 17 years ago

Crazy For You

171st Production Set in New York and Deadrock, Nevada in the 1930’s. Bobby Child works under the thumb of his overbearing mother in banking but dreams of a life in show business. His attempts to i... almost 8 years ago

The Cripple of Inishmaan

Like many Irish plays, The Cripple of Inishmaan combines humour, poignancy and a warm life-enhancing quality in the strong story-telling tradition. Although the play is set on the remote island o... about 15 years ago

Dear Diary

Many of us use a diary to record not just milestones in our lives, but also to express inner thoughts and deep emotions; equally, music, song and dance can express profound feelings as we move thro... over 20 years ago

An Englishman Abroad (Festival)

An Englishman Abroad is based on actress Coral Browne's 1958 visit to Moscow with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she met the exiled English spy, Guy Burgess. In writing the play Bennett was ... almost 11 years ago


172nd Production One of Alan Bennett’s early works (1980) this interesting play is rarely performed but did have a recent West End revival and national tour in 2008/9 with Alison Steadman and David... over 7 years ago

Five Kinds of Silence (Festival)

Originally Written as a radio play, this stage version was first performaned at the Lyric Hammersmith on 31st May 2000. It won the 1996 Writers' Guild award for Best original Radio Play and the 199... about 19 years ago


We have chosen a musical called ?Flapper!, jammed packed with great characters from start to finish with a fantastic musical score. The Roaring Twenties was such a colourful decade that the unbeat... over 11 years ago

For Services Rendered

181st Production. Written in1933 this play paints a bleak picture of post war disillusionment as symbolised by the family of a country solicitor, living in a small village in Kent. This is a power... about 4 years ago

Habeas Corpus (2)

Written in the early seventies, Habeas Corpus has proved one of Alan Bennett’s most popular plays. Rather like a satirical merry-go-round, it is a broad comedy written at a time when the phrase ~ ‘... about 10 years ago


184th production. When Maggie met the Queen - Tea at Four - Handbags at dawn - Two strong ladies; one believed there was no such thing as society, The other had vowed to serve it. Two icons; one de... about 3 years ago

Happy Birthday Mr President or Who Killed Norma Jeane (Festival)

What is it about Marilyn Monroe that continues to generate such emotions, even today? Many Hollywood stars since 1962 have tried to emulate her, none have succeeded. She made few great films, was ... almost 16 years ago

Hay Fever (2)

Often considered to be Coward’s best loved and best written play, Hay Fever bursts with style, wit and sophistication. It is set in 1925 in the country house of the delightfully eccentric Bliss fam... about 14 years ago


An amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited. This musical is based on one of the world's favourite fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling. Ugly is born, of... over 10 years ago

The House of Bernarda Alba (Festival)

Garcia Lorca’s final play, completed shortly before his death in 1936, is subtitled “a drama about women in the villages of Spain”. Like Lorca’s other plays, it portrays a code of honour and its tr... over 14 years ago

An Incident at the Border (Festival)

A new young Scottish writer Kieran Lynn offers us a vivid, unusual 35 minute play which is a fierce reminder that borders tend to create their own divisions and conflicts and often provide an excus... over 9 years ago

Journey's End

This is the most popular anti-war play to appear after World War I. It was first produced professionally by Maurice Browne and starred a young Lawrence Olivier as Captain Stanhope. It still works w... almost 14 years ago

A Kind of Alaska (Festival)

A Kind of Alaska was inspired by Awakenings by the renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks. It was first performed in the Cottesloe Theatre in London in October 1982. The original cast included Judi Denc... over 9 years ago


Diane Samuels's moving and sensitive play explores the issue of identity and the pain and passion of mother/daughter relationships. Eva is a young girl sent from Germany by her parents as part of ... over 13 years ago

The King (Festival)

This very unusual and intriguing play is a sort of anthropological fairy tale that modulates between realism and magic. It is a poetic fable that seems to be exploring the nature of our human desir... about 12 years ago

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

A comedy by Neil Simon. Barney Cashman at the age of 47 wants to join the sexual revolution before it's too late, but Barney Cashman is a gentle sober soul with a true-blue wife of 23 years and ab... over 15 years ago

Lear's Daughters (Festival)

Lear's Daughters takes its story and characters from the 'gaps' in Shakespeare's King Lear. The story of King Lear is revised and refocussed onto his three daughters. We discover moments from their... about 20 years ago

Les Misérables School Edition

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe). All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe. Performed en... over 4 years ago

The Life of Brian - a Celebration of the life of Brian Walters

Brian Walters, who died in December 2006, was a valued and active member of RDG for over 35 years. His many talents and skills meant he contributed to the life of the group in many ways - on stage ... over 14 years ago

The Lightning Play

This play was premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London in 2006. The play has just been released for amateurs so RDG may be the first to perform it. Charlotte Jones is the author of "Humble Boy" whi... about 13 years ago

A Little Like Drowning

This play is one of love won and lost, retold through the reflections of 72 year old Nonna. At home and as she walks on the beach with her granddaughter, we see her life past and present in juxtapo... over 16 years ago

Loose Connections (Festival)

This is the second play performed by the newly formed RDG Youth. Following the success of The Spasm in 2014 this play about modern methods of communication and non-communication will be presented a... almost 6 years ago

Losers (Festival)

'Losers' is a one act play, part of a double bill with 'Winners' together entitled "Lovers". It is RDG's entry in the one-act play festivals at Woking and Spelthorne in October 2003. Brian Friel, ... almost 18 years ago

A Magical, Musical Alphabet

The 2013 Sundowners' show will be a compilation of musical numbers, alphabet themed, and consisting of songs from many musicals, particularly those sung by or about children. The cast will consist... over 8 years ago

Making History

166th Production. The year is 1591. In England, Elizabeth I is on the throne, Shakespeare is at his peak, and the Reformation is effectively over. In Ireland, various factions and clans are held ... over 9 years ago

The Memory of Water

This blackly comic astringent play premiered at Hampstead Theatre in 1996. It was winner of the Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Comedy. Three sisters gather on the eve of their mother's funeral. B... almost 20 years ago

My Mother Said I Never Should

"My Mother Said I Never Should..." was premiered in 1987 at Contact in Manchester (winner of the Manchester Evening News Best Play Award) and in 1989 at the Royal Court Theatre in London (joint win... about 23 years ago

My Night With Reg

This play established its credentials in London where it won rave reviews and amongst others the 1995 Olivier Award for Best Comedy. Tragi-comedy would be a more apt description. While the three in... about 19 years ago

Nell Gwynn

185th Production. Nell Gwynn is a comedic play with music and dance about (spoiler alert!) the life of Nell Gwynn, the celebrated orange seller/prostitute who became one of the first women on the E... almost 3 years ago

The Night of The Iguana

Set during the summer of 1940 on the verandah of a crumbling Mexican inn perched on a jungle covered hill-top over-looking the sea, where Tennessee Williams spent that languid time surrounded by Ge... almost 21 years ago

Noises Off

The play is a farce, in fact a farce within a farce, taking the cliches of the genre and shaking them inventively through a series of kaleidescope patterns. The first act is a pastiche of tradition... almost 22 years ago

Not A Game For Boys (Festival)

A black comedy for three men. (Act I and III) This is a matter of life and death - Not A Game For Boys. Simon Block's razor sharp black comedy plunges us into a world of competitive obsessions pl... over 15 years ago

Obituaries (Festival)

“Obituaries” was performed on BBC Television in 1992 with Ronnie Fraser and Ian Carmichael in the starring roles. It is a modern comedy of intrigue where underhand influence is exerted to achieve ... over 13 years ago

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The story of a devil-may-care rogue who has been transferred from prison because of difficult behaviour into an American state mental institution. McMurphy transforms the cold, lifeless, loveless ... almost 16 years ago

Party Time (Festival)

Any production of a Pinter play is a journey of exploration. Little in the way of obvious action takes place but much is seething beneath the surface waiting to be explored. This play focuses on t... almost 15 years ago

The Passion of Jerome

180th Production. Jerome Furlong is a successful businessman whose life has been carefully constructed from layer upon layer of lies. Jerome wanted to be an architect, building cathedrals but he’s ... over 4 years ago

Passion Play

Peter Nicols\' clever, ingenious play is a dissection of adultery. The title contains a deliberate pun for this is a play about sexual love and suffering and the fragile line which divides them. Bo... about 18 years ago


183rd Production. First performed at the National Theatre in October 2012, this touching and funny play had a star-studded cast headed by Frances de la Tour, Nicholas le Prevost, Peter Egan and Lin... over 3 years ago


169th production. Proof is a 2000 play by American playwright David Auburn. Premiered Off-Broadway in May 2000, it transferred to Broadway theatre in October 2000. The play won the 2001 Pulitzer Pr... over 8 years ago

Pvt. Wars (Festival)

Pvt. (‘Private’) Wars is about Vietnam veterans trying to recuperate in an Army veterans’ hospital in the 1970s. It is an extremely funny one act comedy for three young (fighting age) men, with st... over 4 years ago

Quartermaine's Terms

178th Production. Quartermaine’s Terms, first staged in 1981, is perhaps Simon Gray’s finest work; an English drama that stands comparison with Chekhov in its ability to combine comedy with a power... over 5 years ago

The Ragged Child

A stark and moving account of child deprivation in London in the 1850s which won the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Award. The Ragged Child is about the plight of the poor and destitute, mirrored in the... over 7 years ago

The Real Inspector Hound (2)

The Real Inspector Hound does not attempt to solve any great world problems, or even examine them. It is a play within a play; played for farce, and with a blithe stab at that great imported art fo... over 20 years ago


This play takes us into familiar Ayckbourn territory - one liners - tense silences - and the desperate efforts to end them; all fuelled by strongly drawn characters and escalating tension. The pl... about 12 years ago

Scarecrow (Festival)

An American Drama. A lonely young girl lives with her eccentric mother in an old farmhouse on the edge of a cornfield. She meets a strange man under a tree by the creek and is led step by step int... over 21 years ago

Seussical (2)

A musical based on the stories of Dr Seuss, creator of The Cat In The Hat children's books. An amateur production by arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) All of our favourite Dr. Seu... over 3 years ago

Seven Year Twitch

175th Production. This sharply observed, fast moving comedy about emotional relationships in mid-life is a roundelay of marital discord filtered through the two key elements of psychotherapy and bi... over 6 years ago

Songs of the Century

To mark the millenium year Carolyn and Paul chose to devise a complilation that takes an affectionate look back at the musical shows of the last century. With such a golden treasure house to choose... over 21 years ago

The Spasm (Festival)

This is the first production by the new venture of giving opportunities for presenting drama by our younger members aged between 13 and 21. Nancy Lund, a qualified drama therapist, is giving a oppo... almost 7 years ago

States of Shock (Festival)

A wild, surreal and scathing anti-war play whose characters embody the conflict and violent contradictions of America today. In States of Shock Shepard puts America on stage not just as a geograph... about 16 years ago

Sweet Charity

Bob Fosse's story was based on the Academy Award winning film, Le Notti Di Cabiria, by Italian genius Federico Fellini. After seeing the film in 1957, Fosse immediately saw the potential for a Broa... almost 19 years ago

Teeth (Festival)

When was the last time you went to the Dentist? This play was a television production in 1967 and was part of a series entitled “Thirty Minute Theatre” “Teeth” is a pre-Monty Python farce with ext... over 11 years ago

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Set in New York in 1922 “Thoroughly Modern Millie” tells the story of Millie, a girl from Kansas who comes to New York with the express purpose of transforming herself into a "Modern," a cold-heart... almost 15 years ago

Till I Fall Off (Festival)

TILL I FALL OFF comprises three very short plays (This Property is Condemned, Talk to me Like the Rain and Hullo From Bertha) by Tennessee Williams which reflect the conflicting passions within in ... almost 19 years ago

Tiny Thumbelina

This wonderfully colourful production takes us into Thumbelina's small and perilous world. An unpleasant family of toads and a water rat named Walter are all determined to capture her. Plus, a mudd... over 14 years ago

Tom Jones (2)

162nd Production. First presented by RDG in 1973. Based on the classic novel by Henry Fielding, this stage version of “Tom Jones” has been described as ‘a rich, ripe and bawdy romp’, but for all ... almost 11 years ago

Touching Tomorrow (Festival)

This is a powerful one act play which boldly tackles the subjects of homelessness, rape and disability with humour, honesty and warmth. Dorcas looks after her middle-aged brother Vincent who has l... over 17 years ago

Travels With My Aunt

176th Production. Graham Greene is probably best known for works like ‘Brighton Rock’, ‘The Third Man’ and ‘Our Man in Havana’. For fun he wrote ‘Travels With My Aunt’ in 1969 which in 1972 was mad... about 6 years ago

Twelfth Night

Directed by Jane Walters. RDG's first foray into the world of Shakespeare, our production was a lively ensemble piece, simple set and costumed (modern) accompanied by specially composed music, song... about 22 years ago

When In Rome

When in Rome is a full length musical and is jammed packed with great characters from start to finish. The music is fabulous and obviously the show is going to be filled with Togas. Synopsis When... over 13 years ago

When We Are Married

170th Production. 1908. In the heart of Northern England, three respectable couples, married on the same day, at the same church and by the same vicar, join to celebrate 25 years of blissful matrim... about 8 years ago

Whipping It Up

A sharp, slick, cynical comedy, recently released for amateurs, based around how the Whips operate in Westminster. Scandalously funny it has the same kind of feel as the TV series ‘Yes Minister’. S... over 11 years ago

White Christmas

182nd Production. One of the most famous and well-loved films of all time is brought to the stage, telling a story of love and loyalty through the wonderful music and lyrics of Irving Berlin. A col... almost 4 years ago

Who Was Hilary Maconochie? (Festival)

This play is to be RDG's entry in the Woking and Spelthorne & Runnymede Drama Festival 2009. James Saunders was one of Britain’s main exponents of the Theatre of the Absurd in the 1960s and la... about 11 years ago

Best Lighting Bill Payne Woking Festival - 2001