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Colin has been involved in 72 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Colin has a credit of any kind.

The Admirable Crichton

In 1990 THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON was last open-air production we presented at the Manor Farm Gardens before the local council removed the attractive shrubbery which formed the background to our prese... over 28 years ago

Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

17th Production. A mammoth cast of over 50, the play took a year to produce. over 62 years ago

Aspects of Keith

This night production was devised and presented in 1990 by the company in memory of Keith Munks, one of our much-loved active members who had died earlier in the year. The evening comprised songs, ... over 28 years ago


BLONDEL was the first musical written by Tim Rice after his split with Andrew Lloyd Webber. It tells in a light-hearted jokesy way the colourful life of the 12th century troubadour accompanied by e... about 30 years ago


about 28 years ago

A Chorus of Disapproval

A Chorus of Disapproval was a milestone RDG production as in 1989 it was selected to mark our one hundredth Main Production. It was felt to be an apt choice as the play concerns an amateur theatri... almost 30 years ago

Conduct Unbecoming

almost 34 years ago

Dear Diary

Many of us use a diary to record not just milestones in our lives, but also to express inner thoughts and deep emotions; equally, music, song and dance can express profound feelings as we move thro... over 17 years ago

First Time

over 30 years ago

For Your Entertainment

23rd Production. A revue consisting of "The Last Day of Term" by H M Paull, A Musical Interlude and "Mary Contrary" by C H Luckham (a play first performed in 1951). This was the last production st... about 60 years ago

The Green Jug

4th production. Presented within a triple bill alongside Auntie's Venture and Mary Contrary over 67 years ago

The Happiest Days of your Life (1)

22nd Production. One of the few plays to be produced twice - exactly 25 years later in 1983. over 60 years ago

The Happiest Days of Your Life (2)


18th production. Showing an ever increasing level of professionalism with an attractive realistic set and excellent costumes. A critic in the local press, The Staines and Egham News, ran to nearly ... about 62 years ago

Inherit the Wind

about 27 years ago

The Land of the Christmas Stocking

21st production. about 61 years ago

The Magic Piper

10th Production. over 65 years ago

Man of the Moment

over 24 years ago

More to Love

A musical celebration of love with songs from "Salad Days", "Chess", "Sweeney Todd" and "Aspects of Love"" over 23 years ago

The Other Children(1)

15th production. The play meanders through Treasure Island, The Water Babies, Little Women and Alice in Wonderland. The Other Children had its own special appeal, with over fifty in the cast. It is... about 64 years ago

Passion Play

Peter Nicols\' clever, ingenious play is a dissection of adultery. The title contains a deliberate pun for this is a play about sexual love and suffering and the fragile line which divides them. Bo... over 15 years ago

The Purification (Festival)

over 37 years ago

Seasons Greetings

about 32 years ago

Seven Ages of Man

over 37 years ago

Ten Times Table

almost 37 years ago

Tom Jones (2)

162nd Production. First presented by RDG in 1973. Based on the classic novel by Henry Fielding, this stage version of “Tom Jones” has been described as ‘a rich, ripe and bawdy romp’, but for all ... about 8 years ago

The Visit

This fascinating folk play is in turn intriguing, poetic, funny, atmospheric and highly theatrical. It also makes for a thought provoking evening. Duerrenmatt's macabre parable is his most grotesq... about 21 years ago

Whose Life is it Anyway?

about 37 years ago

27 Wagons Full of Cotton (Festival)

about 31 years ago

All My Sons

Performed between 31st March to 3rd April 1999, Magna Carta Theatre, Staines. The 31st March was a Schools performance, other nights were open to the general public. America's most famous living p... over 19 years ago

All that JazZ - an A - Z of Musicals

All that JazZ (an A to Z of Musicals) The musical romp through the alphabet is fast approaching and so I set out below the programme for you all to digest. This is what we hope will be the final ... over 8 years ago


over 32 years ago

Aspects of Keith

This night production was devised and presented in 1990 by the company in memory of Keith Munks, one of our much-loved active members who had died earlier in the year. The evening comprised songs, ... over 28 years ago

Bedroom Farce

almost 38 years ago

The Beggar's Opera

179th Production. The Beggar’s Opera transports us to a grubby London in the eighteenth century. It’s a world of dashing Highwaymen and women of easy virtue. The pulsating score with lilting folk m... about 2 years ago


about 20 years ago

The Birthday Party

Setting - A seaside boarding house. Period 1958 Two sinister strangers arrive at a run-down boarding house enquiring about Stanley Webber, an erstwhile piano player, on the eve of his birthday. S... over 7 years ago

Cecily (Festival)

This production is unique in the RDG History. The playwright Gillian Plowman had seen our production of Agnes of God; subsequently she sent her new play Cecily to us suggesting we might like to pro... about 28 years ago

The Cripple of Inishmaan

Like many Irish plays, The Cripple of Inishmaan combines humour, poignancy and a warm life-enhancing quality in the strong story-telling tradition. Although the play is set on the remote island o... over 12 years ago

Dancing at Lughnasa

This beautiful, lyrical, nostalgic play is set in remote Donegal where five unmarried sisters are trapped in the explosive tension of their frustration, fired by the conflicting impulse of religiou... about 23 years ago

The Elephant Man

The play tells the well-known heartrending true story of John Merrick and the Victorian society which exploited his repulsively deformed body. It makes for highly charged theatre. over 22 years ago

Entertaining Mr Sloane (Act One) (Festival)

about 34 years ago

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

over 22 years ago

Genesis (Festival)

An originally devised collection of prose, poetry, song and drama on the theme of creation and man's destruction of nature. about 39 years ago

Habeas Corpus (2)

Written in the early seventies, Habeas Corpus has proved one of Alan Bennett’s most popular plays. Rather like a satirical merry-go-round, it is a broad comedy written at a time when the phrase ~ ‘... over 7 years ago

The Last Apache Reunion

about 22 years ago

The Last Yankee (Festival)

over 19 years ago

Les Liaison Dangereuses

almost 24 years ago

A Little Like Drowning

This play is one of love won and lost, retold through the reflections of 72 year old Nonna. At home and as she walks on the beach with her granddaughter, we see her life past and present in juxtapo... over 13 years ago

The Long and the Short and the Tall (Festival)

almost 28 years ago

Making History

166th Production. The year is 1591. In England, Elizabeth I is on the throne, Shakespeare is at his peak, and the Reformation is effectively over. In Ireland, various factions and clans are held ... over 6 years ago

Man of the Moment

over 24 years ago

Maurice Dancing (Festival)

about 36 years ago

My Friend and Me (Festival)

almost 25 years ago

My Night With Reg

This play established its credentials in London where it won rave reviews and amongst others the 1995 Olivier Award for Best Comedy. Tragi-comedy would be a more apt description. While the three in... over 16 years ago

Neville's Island

Perhaps best known for his work writing Preston Front for TV, Tim Firth wrote this play firstly for production at Alan Ayckbourn's 'home' theatre (the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough) in 1992. ... over 20 years ago

Noises Off

The play is a farce, in fact a farce within a farce, taking the cliches of the genre and shaking them inventively through a series of kaleidescope patterns. The first act is a pastiche of tradition... about 19 years ago


169th production. Proof is a 2000 play by American playwright David Auburn. Premiered Off-Broadway in May 2000, it transferred to Broadway theatre in October 2000. The play won the 2001 Pulitzer Pr... over 5 years ago


This play takes us into familiar Ayckbourn territory - one liners - tense silences - and the desperate efforts to end them; all fuelled by strongly drawn characters and escalating tension. The pl... over 9 years ago

The Room (Festival)

about 33 years ago

A Roomful of Holes (Festival)

Entry in the 1975 Woking Drama Festival (adjudicator Gordon Luck). This was the first Woking festival at the new Rhoda McGaw Theatre (formerly Centre Halls) in the new Peacocks complex. This was ou... about 43 years ago

Sisterly Feelings

over 34 years ago

Smile (Festival)

about 27 years ago

A Street Car Named Desire

about 25 years ago

Twelfth Night

Directed by Jane Walters. RDG's first foray into the world of Shakespeare, our production was a lively ensemble piece, simple set and costumed (modern) accompanied by specially composed music, song... over 19 years ago

Woman in Mind

over 21 years ago

Best Director Colin Dolley Woking Festival - 1990