Diane Humphries - full credits

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Diane has been involved in 48 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Diane has a credit of any kind.

Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

17th Production. A mammoth cast of over 50, the play took a year to produce. over 67 years ago

Aspects of Keith

This night production was devised and presented in 1990 by the company in memory of Keith Munks, one of our much-loved active members who had died earlier in the year. The evening comprised songs, ... over 33 years ago


about 33 years ago

Follow the Star

about 39 years ago

For Your Entertainment

23rd Production. A revue consisting of "The Last Day of Term" by H M Paull, A Musical Interlude and "Mary Contrary" by C H Luckham (a play first performed in 1951). This was the last production st... about 65 years ago

The Happiest Days of Your Life (2)

The Magic Piper

10th Production. over 70 years ago

The Other Children(1)

15th production. The play meanders through Treasure Island, The Water Babies, Little Women and Alice in Wonderland. The Other Children had its own special appeal, with over fifty in the cast. It is... about 69 years ago

A Roomful of Holes (Festival)

Entry in the 1975 Woking Drama Festival (adjudicator Gordon Luck). This was the first Woking festival at the new Rhoda McGaw Theatre (formerly Centre Halls) in the new Peacocks complex. This was ou... about 48 years ago

Songs from the Shows (1)

about 38 years ago

Stepping Out

over 32 years ago

Whose Life is it Anyway?

about 42 years ago

A Chorus of Disapproval

A Chorus of Disapproval was a milestone RDG production as in 1989 it was selected to mark our one hundredth Main Production. It was felt to be an apt choice as the play concerns an amateur theatri... over 34 years ago


We have chosen a musical called ?Flapper!, jammed packed with great characters from start to finish with a fantastic musical score. The Roaring Twenties was such a colourful decade that the unbeat... almost 14 years ago

The Gingerbread Lady

about 41 years ago


An amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited. This musical is based on one of the world's favourite fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling. Ugly is born, of... almost 13 years ago

Lock up your Daughters

over 38 years ago

Steel Magnolias

almost 31 years ago

Terra Nova

over 31 years ago

Tiny Thumbelina

This wonderfully colourful production takes us into Thumbelina's small and perilous world. An unpleasant family of toads and a water rat named Walter are all determined to capture her. Plus, a mudd... almost 17 years ago

When In Rome

When in Rome is a full length musical and is jammed packed with great characters from start to finish. The music is fabulous and obviously the show is going to be filled with Togas. Synopsis When... almost 16 years ago