Helen Skinner

20 appearances in RDG productions

Helen - along with her sister, Louise Dangel, were keen members of our youth group, the Sundowners. As a very young child Helen appeared in RDG's award winning production of ONCE UPON A SEASHORE and in our first presentation of Oliver! (1) - both in 1978.

She has appeared in our popular musical compilations : Dear Diary and Songs of the Century.

She also appeared in two festival winning plays: Yerma and Five Kinds of Silence.

(Helen comes from an active RDG dynasty. Her mother Diane Humphries made 48 RDG between 1953 and 1991, while her father, Brian Humphries, continues to play in the band for most of our musical shows).

Helen appeared in Sweet Charity in 2002 and followed this with a very amusing portayal of Marg in Absent Friends. She gave a very funny funny performance as the shy Jackie in Hay Fever and most recently was part of the very successful comedy White Lies.