Iain Donaldson

18 appearances in RDG productions

Iain made his first appearance with the group in I Dreamed A Dream in 1997. He followed this with his portrayal of the pastor in The Visit and in the highly demanding role of the emotionally disintegrating Roy stranded on Neville's Island.

In 2001 Iain played the lead role in our award-winning production of Five Kinds of Silence and the whole group was delighted when he won the Best Actor Award at both Woking and Spelthorne Festivals.

Iain appeared in our Summer 2002 production - My Night With Reg playing the gay bus driver Benny, a role in strong contrast to his next performance - as the hard, insensitive Reg Drummond in Privates on Parade. Most recently he played Paul in the Ayckbourn comedy Absent Friends, following which he was part of the Copacabana team. His almost mute role as the catatonic Ruckley in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was both amusing and desperately touching. Most recently iain gave a powerful heart-rending performance as John Proctor in The Crucible.