Jon Hewines - full credits

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Jon has been involved in 3 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Jon has a credit of any kind.

All that JazZ - an A - Z of Musicals

All that JazZ (an A to Z of Musicals) The musical romp through the alphabet is fast approaching and so I set out below the programme for you all to digest. This is what we hope will be the final ... almost 10 years ago

The Crucible

The Salem Witches Early in 1692, in the small Massachusetts village of Salem, a number of girls fall ill, victims of hallucinations and seizures. In extremely religious Puritan New England, such f... over 10 years ago

Whipping It Up

A sharp, slick, cynical comedy, recently released for amateurs, based around how the Whips operate in Westminster. Scandalously funny it has the same kind of feel as the TV series ‘Yes Minister’. S... over 10 years ago