Josh Coombes

8 appearances in RDG productions

Josh joined RDG in 2013 when his tap-dancing skills were put to excellent effect in our toe-tapping musical Crazy For You. By contrast the following year he appeared as the wayward son in the Alan Bennett comedy Enjoy and scored a great success as the flamboyant Sideway in Our Country's Good. In 2017 he returned to musical theatre where he gave a highly engaging performance in one of the central roles in our toe-tapping production White Christmas while the following year he played the renowned romantic actor Charles Hart in our comedy Nell Gwynn. 2019 saw Josh play the gallant young Bonario in our classic comedy Volpone. Two years Josh gave a lively performance as one of the young gallants in another of our period comedies The Beaux Stratagem. In 2023 Josh made an engaging Algernon in our stylish presentation of Oscar Wilde's The of Being Earnest.