Mary Honey

36 appearances in RDG productions

Mary has been a much-loved member of RDG for almost 40 years and has appeared in well over 30 productions, Her first appearance with the company was in PRIDE AND PREDUDICE in 1967. But it is Mary's wonderful gift for comedy that is she is best known. Mrs Drudge in Habeas Corpus, Miss Firnival in BLACK COMEDY, Lady Brocklehurst in THE BOYFRIEND were some of her early successes.

More recently she appeared in our outdoor production of Sisterly Feelings.

She has received high praise from adjudicators in our festival productions - notably in THE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. Womberang (Best Supporting Actess Award) and ONCE UPON A SEASHORE (Best Acress Award).

After a break in the depths of Kent she returned to us, playing cameo roles in Elephant Man, The and The Visit. Over the following years until her death in 2019, Mary maintained her interest in the the group and our productions