Neil James - full credits

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Neil has been involved in 8 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Neil has a credit of any kind.

Bear Hug (Festival)

An entry in the 2021 Maidenhead Drama Festival. A conventional middle-class couple are in their conventional middle-class kitchen. The mother, Linda, is serving dinner to her Volvo-obsessed husband... 5 months ago

The Beaux' Stratagem - A Wild Tale of Cash and Love

189th Production. This is a late restoration comedy first produced in 1707 but has been brought completely up to date (in terms of language and easy accessibility) by firstly, Thornton Wilder (who ... 6 days ago

The Beggar's Opera

179th Production. The Beggar’s Opera transports us to a grubby London in the eighteenth century. It’s a world of dashing Highwaymen and women of easy virtue. The pulsating score with lilting folk m... about 5 years ago

Brighton Beach Scumbags (Festival)

Brighton Beach Scumbags explores the lives of two foul mouthed sets of couples- Derek and his wife Dinah and Dave and his wife Doreen. Both couples have travelled from Essex to enjoy a day at the b... about 4 years ago

Nell Gwynn

185th Production. Nell Gwynn is a comedic play with music and dance about (spoiler alert!) the life of Nell Gwynn, the celebrated orange seller/prostitute who became one of the first women on the E... almost 3 years ago

The Passion of Jerome

180th Production. Jerome Furlong is a successful businessman whose life has been carefully constructed from layer upon layer of lies. Jerome wanted to be an architect, building cathedrals but he’s ... over 4 years ago


183rd Production. First performed at the National Theatre in October 2012, this touching and funny play had a star-studded cast headed by Frances de la Tour, Nicholas le Prevost, Peter Egan and Lin... over 3 years ago

Quartermaine's Terms

178th Production. Quartermaine’s Terms, first staged in 1981, is perhaps Simon Gray’s finest work; an English drama that stands comparison with Chekhov in its ability to combine comedy with a power... over 5 years ago

The Scream Inside - a Double Bill of One Act Plays

After eighteen months of no productions from RDG, we are delighted to be back at the beautiful Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Manor Road, Walton on Thames with a double-bill of one-act plays Bear ... 5 months ago

The Seven Acts of Mercy


186th Production. Volpone was written by Ben Jonson and first performed in the early 1600s. Originally it had 5 acts/34 scenes, a cast of 20+ (2F, 18+M) and ran for over 4 hours with songs and danc... over 2 years ago