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Sarah has been involved in 0 RDG productions. Listed below are the productions we have in our online database where Sarah has a credit of any kind.

The Accrington Pals (2)

THE ACCRINGTON PALS is one of the few plays we have presented twice. We first presented a potted version at the 1984 Maidenhead Drama Festival and four years later staged the complete play with an ... almost 34 years ago

The Admirable Crichton

In 1990 THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON was last open-air production we presented at the Manor Farm Gardens before the local council removed the attractive shrubbery which formed the background to our prese... about 32 years ago

Blonde on the Bonnet (Festival)

almost 36 years ago


This raunchy very American musical is pure pastiche and our 1987 full-bloodied version found all the fun - and pre-dated the long West End run a decade later. The bright, colourful show sends up t... over 34 years ago

Definitely Eric Geddis (Festival)

over 39 years ago

First Time

over 34 years ago

The Matchgirls

Songs from the Shows (2)

about 36 years ago


almost 32 years ago

Guys and Dolls

over 29 years ago

Inherit the Wind

over 30 years ago

Old Time Music Hall (2)

about 31 years ago

Stepping Out

over 31 years ago