by Edwin Preece

Triptych had 2 performances 3 months ago (between the 12th of October 2019 and the 25th of October 2019) at Riverside Arts Centre and Rhoda McGaw Theatre

A famous artist, Benedict St John, sees Isabel reading in a café, Dan posing by a swimming-pool and Trevor entertaining tourists in Covent Garden. He immortalises each of them in paint; and they become three of his most iconic works: Girl Sipping Tea, Boy in Swimming Trunks and Boy Juggling Oranges. Benedict dominates his models and orchestrates their relationships with himself and with each other. As each of them muses on their experience, a picture emerges of his character: egocentric and manipulative, but utterly alluring.

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Isabel - Eleanor Collier

Poised and chic on the outside; she is naïve and desperate to please. Taking her cue from Benedict, she flirts with each boy in turn.

Wears a light, Summer dress and smart shoes

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Dan - Alex Hill

Vain and confident, he is hugely impressed by Benedict. He falls deeply in love with Isabel and is jealous of Trevor’s attentions.

Wears swimming trunks and sunglasses

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Trevor - Ben Williamson

Wary and streetwise at first, working with Benedict relaxes him. He is instantly smitten by Isabel.

Wears street entertainer costume: pierrot jacket, jeans, scuffed trainers

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Director - Graham Botterill

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Stage Manager - Liz Thomas


Sound - Ian Santry

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Lighting - Graham Collier