Caroline Ross

13 appearances in RDG productions

Caroline joined the group in 2009 and was immediately cast in thevital role of Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible. The following year she gave a cameo performance in Tom Stoppard's Teeth She scored a great success in 2011 when she appeared as Pauline in Pinter's A Kind of Alaska - a deeply sensitive performance which was awarded the Best Supporting Actress at both Woking and Spelthorne Drama Festivals. That remarkable production went on to win the 2012 National Drama Festival. Great contrast came with her colourful performance as Antique Annie in Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World which gave Caroline another Best Supporting Actress nomination. In 2014 Caroline gave a memorable performance as Liz Morden, one of the convicts in Our Country's Good. The following year she won the Best Actress trophy at Elmbridge Festival for her emotional performance as Lady Macbeth in our imaginative production of Macbeth 2015. Further success came in 2016 when she won the Best Actress Award for his deeply felt performance in Almost Nothing at the Spelthorne festival. In 2017 Caroline gave a deeply touching performance as a grief stricken mother in the psychodrama The Passion of Jerome following which she gave a full-bodied performance in Brighton Beach Scumbags. In huge contrast the following year she gave a wonderfully waspish performance as the Queen in our popular comedy Handbagged. This was followed by a queen of a very nature and time - Queen Catherine, the dour Portuguese wife of Charles II in Nell Gwynn. In 2023 she gave a fiery performance in our award-winning production of Albertine in Five Times where she was nominated for her portrayal of Albertine at 60