by Tom Stoppard

Teeth had 1 performance over 11 years ago (on the 4th of March 2010) at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse

When was the last time you went to the Dentist? This play was a television production in 1967 and was part of a series entitled “Thirty Minute Theatre”

Teeth” is a pre-Monty Python farce with extra puns to encounter. It is a classic Britcom set up. Sleazy salesman George has been having an affair with the wife of the Dentist (Harry) and is now about to go under the drill, not knowing whether Harry has caught on or not.

As the play progresses into an hilarious episode, Harry the Dentist becomes seemingly more brutal while George the unfortunate lover slowly sinks into obvious discomfort and finally becomes a stricken man. The wife/receptionist, also becomes part of the scene.

The end of the play dissolves into comic disaster as the other waiting patients join in the fun.

The play, although short, demands strong, effortless playing as Harry makes use of all his tools, nozzles, drills etc. It does not require precision dentistry but it is obvious to the audience and to the other actors that there is nothing wrong with George’s Teeth. The script provides fertile comedic ground for the actors, enhanced with sparkling dialogue from Stoppard. The rehearsals and performance should be great fun for everyone.

Person small1


(30s-40s). A saloon bar lothario. Handsome with a big white smile.

Person small1

HARRY DUNN - Ian Thomas

(30s-40s). The Dentist. Very clean and neat. Spectacles. Even, white teeth.

Person small1


(30s) Neat, good teeth, hair in bun. White housecoat


AGNES - Caroline Ross

Elderly patient. Small but excellent cameo

Person small1

FLORA - Emma Thompson

Elderly patient. Small but excellent cameo.

Person small1

Director - Bill Newman


Stage Manager - Clare Pinnock

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Lighting - Bill Payne


Sound - Ian Santry


Set Design and Construction - John Godliman

Stage Award Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2010
Outstanding Festival Spirit Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2010
Technical Award Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2010