Paul Marshall

32 appearances in RDG productions

Paul made a deliciously wicked Herod in the fun musical Follow the Star! his first major role with the group in 1984.

A rich gallery of 30 memorable characters have followed. He made an outstanding Salieri in Amadeus, an explosive Dafydd in Chorus of Disapproval, A , a sinister Valmont in Les Liaison Dangereuses and an enigmatic Millington in Conduct Unbecoming.

Paul enjoys musicals and has played with his characteristic relish in Blondel, Chicago and Lock up your Daughters.

In addition Paul has directed two of our musical compilation shows: More to Love and I Dreamed A Dream.

He won two Best Actor Awards for his stunning central performance in International Stud, The - part of THE TORCH SONG TRILOGY. For his portrayal of Jean in Miss Julie won another Best Actor Award in 1998.

Paul gave a moving performance in the central role of Guy in our recent production of My Night With Reg. followed by a wonderfully exuberant portrayal of the flamboyant Terri Dennis in Privates on Parade, a role Paul was born to play!!