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Ken Ing

Ken - along with his wife - Sheila - joined the group in 1980 and over the succeeding 21 years appeared in more than 30 productions. Ken's rich singing voice featured in many musical presentation...

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Sheila Ing

Along with her husband, Ken Ing Sheila appeared in more than 30 RDG productions between 1980 and 2001 when they left us for the depths of Herefordshire. Sheila played the title role in Neil Simon'...

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Katy Inigo-Jones

Katy joined RDG in 2010 when her dancing skills were a feature of out musical compilation All that JazZ - an A - Z of Musicals.

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Kostas Ioannidis

A warm Greek charm allied to a fine singing voice has ensured that Kostas has featured prominently in all our recent musical presentations: Billy!, Songs of the Century and Dear Diary.

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Andrew Ionides

Andrew joined RDG to play the Greek lad in Breaking The Code

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Henry Ivanko

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Nicola Ivey

Nicola joined the group in 2011 and was immediately cast as one of the featured dancers in 42nd Street. Two years later she donned her tap shoes again as one of the Follies Girls in Crazy For You. ...

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Paula Ivey


Samantha Ivey

In 2006 Samantha made her RDG debut appearance in our youth production of The Pilgrimage. Most recently she appeared as one of the dancers in our lively musical Mack and Mabel.. She has continued t...