by Christopher Heimann, Neil Monaghan and Dienne Petterie

Imagine you must choose one memory from your whole life and capture it with a magical camera – everything else will be erased from your mind forever. Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity. You have just one hour to decide…… 100 is a play about the choices we make in life – how, if we had time to consider them, would we make the same decisions? We rush from pillar to post often making spur of the moment decisions which can change the course of our lives and send us in another direction. This concept is looked at through the lens of death and dying, with death being the ultimate full stop – or is it? What if there was an opportunity to consider everything after we had died, to look back at our lives and take a more objective view. This script playfully looks at these themes using a physical theatre approach to bring to life both the characters and their stories as they tell their narrative. 100 is set in a fluid interchange between a magical void space between life and death. The set will be minimal with the characters creating the spaces and places that each character recalls to mind as the play unfolds. Any props used will be multifunctional and actors may be required to become pieces of set or props themselves to re-enact certain scenes. Actors will need to bring a sense of fun, energy, creativity and teamwork to this piece in order for the whole thing to make sense to the audience.

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Auditioning on the 6th of July 2021?

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Male – 20’s – 30’s – Young, brash, confident, childlike, self assured and likeable.


Male – 30’s + - Moves like an animal, from a tribe in a remote jungle, intelligent, principled.


Female - 30’s + – Driven workaholic, businesslike and determined.


Female – 20’s – 30’s + - Attractive – Alex’s girlfriend, a romantic girl next door type.


Male or Female – 50’s + - Able to change their vocal and physical characteristics, a jester, clown – this character moves the action along – should have versatility and a certain amount of comic timing.

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Director - Nancy Lund