Sophie Paterson

6 appearances in RDG productions

Sophie (as Sophie Cutcliffe) made her debut RDG apearance as a young grandchild in The Visit back in 1997. After a space of seven years she made her second apearance as one of the glitzy showgirls in Copacabana. In contrast she was part of the talented Youth Workshop team which scored such a great success at the Woking and Spelthorne Festivals in 2008 with Find Me. In 2017 Sophie made her RDG serious drama debut in our powerful production of The Passion of Jerome. Four years later she gave a poetic performance in the award presentation of 100 at the 2021Woking Drama Festival. in 2003 she returned to the Woking Festival where she gave a heartfelt performance in our award-winning production of Albertine in Five Times