And Go To Innisfree

by Jean Lenox Toddie

And Go To Innisfree had 4 performances about 15 years ago (between the 7th of March 2006 and the 23rd of July 2006) at Abbey Theatre and Cecil Hepworth Playhouse

"I will arise and go now, And Go To Innisfree And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made. Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee, And live alone in the bee-loud glade" (William Butler Yeats)

An interesting, all-female three-hander, simply set, allowing opportunity for a physical theatre approach to a rhythmic text. All characters will need to sing (a simple folk song) and sustain a New England accent.

It is September on a deserted beach on the coast of New England. A woman appears, parasol raised and long skirt sweeping the sand. She has come to make a decision but will she make it alone? The middle aged matron she was argues for the comfort of a retirement home. The child she was urges her to sit again and eat blackberries, to lie under the brambles and study ants, and to arise at long last And Go To Innisfree.


Anna - Frankie Godliman

The voice of Old Anna's middle years (40 – 50)

Person small1

Old Anna - Gillian Smithies

Person small1

Young Anna - Charlotte Harris

The voice of old Anna's youth

Person small1

Director - Jane Walters

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Stage Manager - Helen Murphy

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Sound - Lynne Walters

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Lighting - Jonathan Miller

Winner Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Best Single Sex Play Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Best Director Jane Walters Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Best Actress Gillian Smithies Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Best Supporting Youth Player Charlotte Harris Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Winner AETF South Divisional Final - 2006
Technical Merit AETF South Divisional Final - 2006
Adjudicator's Award Charlotte Harris AETF South Divisional Final - 2006
Stage Presentation Award AETF Eastern Area Final - 2006
The NDFA Council Trophy - One Act Runner-Up NDFA All Winners Festival - 2006