Won't Fade Away

by Troy Chessman

One magical evening, Over forty-five years ago, Robin and Shirley met for the first time. Instantly, they fell in love. A memory that Robin will always hold on to.

Together, they weaved a tapestry of memories. Memories of marriage, children, grandchildren. Side by side, There is nothing they cannot overcome. But as Robin goes about his daily life, things are different; Robin is changing, Shirley is worried, but Robin can't accept why. Robin desperately recalls the memory of the day he met Shirley... but that memory is constantly changing. Fading. Won't Fade Away shines a light on the symptoms and effects of Alzheimer’s disease, through Robin’s eyes. This play is a love story based on the real lives and experiences of two Hampshire residents, Robin & Shirley. Written with support from Dementia UK and stories shared by their daughter Helen, I hope to use a combination of text and movement to detail Robin’s experience of Alzheimer’s. Tackling a tough, taboo, thought provoking subject this is a story celebrating memory and creating a conversation about dementia.

"I want you to make memories, millions of them! because I’m starting to realise how valuable they are, more than anything in this world."

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Auditioning on the 4th of September 2024?

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