The Sundowners

The Sundowners are the youth section of the RDG. Their productions are not as frequent as the main RDG production schedule, performing once or twice per year on average since their inception.

The sundowners started in 1977, and a significant number of our current adult members were once Sundowners. Sundowners productions are coordinated by Louise Dangel who has been in charge since 1999.

As with the main list of productions, we are currently working to enter all the available information we have from the Sundowers performances from 1977 to the present day.

Past productions

All our past sundowners productions are listed below.

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The Addams Family School Edition - A New Musical

By special arrangement with Elephant Eye Theatrical This production is presented through special arrangement with and all authorised performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwid... over 2 years ago

Alice In Wonderland Junior (Disney's)

Based on the 1951 Disney film, this timeless Lewis Carroll classic continues to enchant young and old alike as they follow the advantures of Alice as she meets up with the Mad Hatter, the White Rab... over 12 years ago