Nicola Anderson

24 appearances in RDG productions

Nicola (as Nicola Cutcliffe) joined the group in 1995 making a great impact of one of the five sisters in Dancing at Lughnasa. She followed this with the hugely demanding central role in Woman in Mind when she never left the stage. Other notable appearances have been in Night of The Iguana, The and Lears Daughters which won the British Final in 2001 and later was performed in Monaco at the International Festival. She followed this by appearing as one of the sisters in Memory of Water, The in November 2001. She was in the festival winning production of The Allotment. In 2008 she scored a great success as the unfulfilled Harriet inThe Lightning Play.

The following year saw Nicky win two acting awards for her hilarious role as the garrulous blowsy maid in Who Was Hilary Maconochie??.

In 2011 she gave a wonderfully exuberant performance in our hugely popular comedy Habeas Corpus whilst 2012 saw her in spirited form as the driving force in dropping everything in Calendar Girls!

In 2016 she happily married fellow RDG actor Marc Anderson

The following year she was part of the ensemble in our popular musical White Christmas and in 2018 she played a deliciously gin-soaked Ma Gwynn in our popular comedy Nell Gwynn. In 2023 she made a hugely engaging performance as one of the key narrators guiding us through the town of Under Milk Wood followed by her spirited performance in our award-winning production of Albertine in Five Times.