Under Milk Wood

by Dylan Thomas

It is nearly seventy years since Under Milk Wood was first performed, yet it remains unique. Part poem, part startling Celtic prose. It is funny, bawdy, poignant, atmospheric and has universal appeal because it holds a mirror up to the audience and shows them their own humanity. It takes them to a small seaside town in South Wales on one spring day and shows them not only the seething lives of the townspeople but their dreams and thoughts, their mis-demeanors, passions, their strengths and their frailties. The town is peopled by a dazzling array of characters. Blind Captain Cat who ‘sees’ all the goings on of the town. Mr Pugh the would-be wife poisoner. Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price are lovers but only by letter. Gossamer Beynon the schoolmistress in her prime, Polly Garter who loves having babies and sings a song about her lovers; and many, many more. Each character is distinct and real and alive. Those cast can take on several different roles as there are so many. Ideally a cast of around eleven can play all the roles but the production can accommodate as many people as want to be involved in this iconic play. Scripts are available now from Paul paul.foster3@virgin.net so contact him to read a copy and find out more about the production.

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Auditioning on the 10th of January 2023?

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Director - Paul Foster

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Stage Manager - Liz Thomas


Set Design and Construction - John Godliman