by Gillian Plowman

Cecily had 2 performances about 28 years ago (between the 4th of October 1990 and the 20th of October 1990) at Staines Town Hall and QE 2 Theatre Woking

This production is unique in the RDG History. The playwright Gillian Plowman had seen our production of Agnes of God; subsequently she sent her new play Cecily to us suggesting we might like to produce it's premier. This proved a daunting, exciting, stimulating opportunity which we gladly accepted presenting the play at two festivals. At Woking it won six awards:

 Festival Winners
 Best Director: [Colin Dolley](/people/colin-dolley)
 Best  Actress: [Frankie Godliman](/people/frankie-godliman) & [Judith Dolley](/people/judith-dolley) (shared)
 Best Youth Actress: Claire Dolley
 Best All-Female Production
 Best Original Play.

At Spelthorne it won four further awards

 Best Actress: Claire Dolley
 Best All-Female Play
 Best Original Play

But regardless of all these accolades our greatest pleasure came from Gillian's approval of what we had acheived with her "new baby".


Sheila - Judith Dolley


Ellen - Frankie Godliman

Person small1

Cecily - Claire Nevers


Director - Colin Dolley

Person small1

Stage Manager - Paul Marshall

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Set Design and Construction - Paul Marshall

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Lighting - Malcolm Meades

Winners Woking Festival - 1990
Best All Women's Woking Festival - 1990
Best Actress Judith Dolley Woking Festival - 1990
Best Actress Frankie Godliman Woking Festival - 1990
Best Orginal Play Woking Festival - 1990
Best Director Colin Dolley Woking Festival - 1990
Best Youth Actress Claire Nevers Woking Festival - 1990
Runner's up Staines Festival - 1990
Best Actress Claire Nevers Staines Festival - 1990
Best Original Play Staines Festival - 1990