Maxfield Usher

10 appearances in RDG productions

Max appeared in several Sundowners productions before graduating to our newly re-formed Youth Group in 2014. He was part of the very successful cast of The Spasm which won four awards at the Spelthorne Festival including Best Youth production. At both festivals he was nominated for the Best Youth Actor trophy. Previously he had appeared in Tom Jones while more recently he made an athletic Australian aborigine in Our Country's Good. In 2015 Max featured in our festival - winning production of Loose Connections at the Spelthorne Festival. The following year Max was doubly successful winning the Best Supporting Actor Award at Woking Festival and the Best Supporting Youth Player at Spelthorne Festival for his portrayal of a complex character in A + E. Further success came in 2017 when Max's performance in the American play PVT Wars was awarded the Best Youth Player trophy at the 2017 Elmbridge Festival , The production went on to win the prestigious Leatherhead Festival. At the English semi-finals Max and his two fellow actors won the Adjudicator's Award for their ensemble acting. In 2019 Max gave a deeply affecting performance in the title role in Humble Boy - a role which combined humour with strong emotion.