by Brial Friel

Losers had 2 performances about 19 years ago (between the 15th of October 2003 and the 24th of October 2003) at The Magna Carta Theatre

'Losers' is a one act play, part of a double bill with 'Winners' together entitled "Lovers". It is RDG's entry in the one-act play festivals at Woking and Spelthorne in October 2003.

Brian Friel, author of 'Dancing at Lughnasa' is considered to be Ireland's leading modern dramatist. This play shows his avid focus on family life governed by religion and builds upon a recognised tradition of twentieth century Irish play-writing.

The tragedy of the middle-aged lovers, Hannah and Andy, is huge in its depth of portrayal. Added to this Mrs Wilson, Hannah's mother, who is the person they are trying to escape from, who has turned her Bedroom into shrine to St Philomena, and from there rules the house with determination and an overwhelming presence.

The hilarious situation also has serious undertones, causing Hannah and Andy to be victims of a religious observance and the society which promotes it.

An hysterical, devout, religious next-door-neighbour, Cissy Cassidy, adds credence to the humour as well as they underlying serious meaning of this play


Andy - Adam Roberts

30/40. Strong but gentle. Tells the whole story with humour and pathos. On stage continuously


Hanna - Frankie Godliman

30/40. Longs to be in love but rigid in her confirmity to the faith and her mother\'s telling interference

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Mrs Wilson, Hannah\'s mother - Anne Nunn

60s. Altogether Catholic and traditional in her cantankerous approach to harmony, sex and authority

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Cissie Cassidy - Jill Payne

50/60 A beautiful study of one completely immersed in religious observance. Chants a lot. A cameo beyong belief

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Director - Bill Newman

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Director's assistant - Liz Thomas


Stage Manager - John Godliman


Sound operation - Ian Santry

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Lighting - Bill Payne

Best Actress Frankie Godliman Woking Drama Festival - 2003
Best Supporting Actress Jill Payne Woking Drama Festival - 2003
Mayor's Backstage Award Spelthorne Drama Festival - 2003
Technical Excellence Spelthorne Drama Festival - 2003
Runners Up Spelthorne Drama Festival - 2003