Not A Game For Boys

by Simon Block

Not A Game For Boys had 2 performances over 16 years ago (between the 8th of March 2006 and the 12th of March 2006) at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse

A black comedy for three men. (Act I and III)

This is a matter of life and death - Not A Game For Boys.

Simon Block's razor sharp black comedy plunges us into a world of competitive obsessions played out in a small room of a back street East End London pub. Although the men play with bats and balls the main game takes place anywhere but on the table tennis table.

The play is compassionate and observant and shot through with humour - it also says something about the dilemma of men in today's society.

Once a week three London cabbies seek a short respite from their daily grind by playing in a local table tennis league. Most people find table tennis vaguely ridiculous but Eric, Oscar and Tony take their ping pong evening very seriously indeed. They must win or face the unthinkable oblivion of relegation into division two.


Tony - Adam Roberts

29 – 30. Erratic, untidy, unfocussed. Doesn't know what he wants. A drifter who can fly into violent rages. He is cheating on his girl friend, Lisa, who seems to be pressurizing him to "settle down" and start a family. Totally at sea in the world he is a victim of sudden surges of anger and insecurity.


Oscar - David Webb

40s. Enigmatic, lonely east end taxi driver with a touch of the "Kray Twins" image about him. Dresses well, smokes cigars, neat, obsessional and very afraid. A control freak struggling to cope. Outwardly calm and controlled but paddling furiously underneath.

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Eric - Philip Audaer

40s. On the edge, obsessional about winning. Has a frenetic, frantic, manic, wild energy. 45 minutes of table tennis is all he can call his own away from the pressures of his very dysfunctional family. Constantly on the go; never sits down - inept and failing to cope.


Director - Judith Dolley


Stage Manager - Clare Pinnock


Sound - Ian Santry

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Lighting - Bill Payne

Runners Up Trophy Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Best Actor David Webb Elmbridge Drama Festival - 2006
Runners Up AETF South Divisional Final - 2006
Stage Presentation AETF South Divisional Final - 2006