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A Basinful of the Briny

36th Production. The sequel to the popular 1962 hit Beside The Seaside, a return visit to a Northern holiday boarding house. It was the last presentation of several, staged to in order to raise mon... almost 59 years ago

Bazaar and Rummage (Festival)

BAZAAR AND RUMMAGE exhibits Sue Townsend's talent for extracting hilarious comedy from the most painful social insights. It tells of a group of agrophobic women persuaded to venture out of their h... over 34 years ago

Bear Hug (Festival)

An entry in the 2021 Maidenhead Drama Festival. A conventional middle-class couple are in their conventional middle-class kitchen. The mother, Linda, is serving dinner to her Volvo-obsessed husband... about 3 years ago

The Beaux' Stratagem - A Wild Tale of Cash and Love

189th Production. This is a late restoration comedy first produced in 1707 but has been brought completely up to date (in terms of language and easy accessibility) by firstly, Thornton Wilder (who ... over 2 years ago

Bed (Festival)

Our entry in the 2002 Elmbridge Festival is a surreal exploration of dreams and the twilight world of old age. Bed uses broad humour, dry wit and puns counterpointed by moving poetry to underline t... about 22 years ago

Bedroom Farce

over 43 years ago

The Beggar's Opera

179th Production. The Beggar’s Opera transports us to a grubby London in the eighteenth century. It’s a world of dashing Highwaymen and women of easy virtue. The pulsating score with lilting folk m... over 7 years ago

Beside the Sea

over 38 years ago

Beside the Seaside

28th production. A farcical Northern comedy. A popular play, it gave two repeat performances the following month in aid of Famine Relief. about 62 years ago


over 25 years ago

The Birthday Party

Setting - A seaside boarding house. Period 1958 Two sinister strangers arrive at a run-down boarding house enquiring about Stanley Webber, an erstwhile piano player, on the eve of his birthday. S... over 13 years ago

Black Chiffon

20th Production. A psychological drama. The production is notable for the first mention of Judith Humphries as prompter. Judith later married Colin Dolley and was to become a major player in RDG fo... over 67 years ago

Black Comedy

47th Production. Performed as a double bill with A Slight Accident about 54 years ago

Blonde on the Bonnet (Festival)

over 37 years ago


BLONDEL was the first musical written by Tim Rice after his split with Andrew Lloyd Webber. It tells in a light-hearted jokesy way the colourful life of the 12th century troubadour accompanied by e... over 35 years ago


25th Production. A gripping pyschological thriller. almost 65 years ago

The Boy Friend

48th Production. RDG's second musical, the first of our Literary Institute productions to run for four nights. It was a complete sell out and made a record profit of £63! Among the cast were first ... over 53 years ago

Breaking The Code

A play based on the book Alan Turing, the Enigma by Andrew Hodges. A compassionate and often amusing play concerning the remarkable mind and tragic fate of Alan Turing, mathematician and computer ... over 17 years ago

Brighton Beach Scumbags (Festival)

Brighton Beach Scumbags explores the lives of two foul mouthed sets of couples- Derek and his wife Dinah and Dave and his wife Doreen. Both couples have travelled from Essex to enjoy a day at the b... over 6 years ago

Broken Glass

Written when Arthur Miller was 78 years old, “Broken Glass” has all the in-depth truth we expect of his plays. It was first presented in England at the National Theatre by Richard Eyre in 1994 with... over 15 years ago

But Yesterday (Festival)

A haunting, lyrical and enigmatic play from the sensitive pen of Jimmie Chinn. Set in an English vicarage garden in the 1950s and before. Prior to leaving on a journey from which he will not return... almost 16 years ago