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Radio Runnymede

24th Production and the first under the new group identity of Runnymede Drama Group rather than Egham Methodist Drama Group. As an increasing number of group members were not active church members,... over 65 years ago

The Real Inspector Hound (Festival)

Our one act drama festival entry in 1976 winning Staines Festival and the Stage Presentation Award and going on to the Divisional final in Kettering. It also entered the Maidenhead Festival and the... over 48 years ago

The Real Inspector Hound (2)

The Real Inspector Hound does not attempt to solve any great world problems, or even examine them. It is a play within a play; played for farce, and with a blithe stab at that great imported art fo... about 23 years ago

The Red Velvet Goat (Festival)

A Mexican folk comedy. Entry in Staines Festival (adjudicator John Waite) and Hillingdon Festival (adjudicator E Martin Browne). This production was the first of our festival entries to win an awar... over 53 years ago

Ring Round The Moon

50th production. A sumptuous celebratory production for the group's half century. over 52 years ago

Riverside Drive (Festival)

This award-winning production will be performed as part of a Comedy Double Bill together with Alarms in July 2014. The play is set on a grey foggy day in New York in a secluded spot on the embankm... almost 10 years ago

The Roaring Twenties Revue

A fund raising revue which toured various venues. about 52 years ago


This play takes us into familiar Ayckbourn territory - one liners - tense silences - and the desperate efforts to end them; all fuelled by strongly drawn characters and escalating tension. The pl... about 15 years ago

Romance in the Garden

6th production. A double bill with The Hotel Riposo about 72 years ago

The Room (Festival)

almost 39 years ago

A Room in the Tower

13th production. Performed as a double bill with Improbable Episode and Seventy Three North. over 70 years ago

A Roomful of Holes (Festival)

Entry in the 1975 Woking Drama Festival (adjudicator Gordon Luck). This was the first Woking festival at the new Rhoda McGaw Theatre (formerly Centre Halls) in the new Peacocks complex. This was ou... almost 49 years ago

The Rose and Crown (Festival)

This is the first of Priestley’s published one-act plays and originated as a specially written television play for the BBC. It was transmitted from Alexandra Palace first on 27 August, 1946; Priest... over 16 years ago

Royal Entertainment

An entertainment at the Methodist church Garden Party at The Cottage, Vicarage Road, Egham. The performance included an extract from A Midsummer Night's Dream about 63 years ago