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I Dreamed A Dream

over 26 years ago

If you're Glad I'll be Frank (Festival)

over 41 years ago

The Importance of Being Earnest (1)

45th production. almost 54 years ago

Improbable Episode

11th production presented as a triple bill with Seventy Three North and A Room in the Tower almost 70 years ago

In The Name of Love (Festival)

This original play, written by a member of RDG, is set in a cheap American Motel in the 1990’s. A tautly written two hander it explores the fascinating theme of the relationship between an abducto... over 10 years ago

An Incident at the Border (Festival)

A new young Scottish writer Kieran Lynn offers us a vivid, unusual 35 minute play which is a fierce reminder that borders tend to create their own divisions and conflicts and often provide an excus... over 11 years ago

Inherit the Wind

almost 32 years ago

The International Stud (Festival)

almost 29 years ago

Interview (Festival)

First production for the new RDG Youth Workshop for entry in the autumn 2005 one act drama festivals about 17 years ago