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Pack of Lies

over 37 years ago

Parcel (Festival)

over 38 years ago

The Parting (Festival)

Performed as one of three plays in the non-competitive Egham Drama Festival alongside Prince Florenzel - Detective and Player Queen over 63 years ago

Party Time (Festival)

Any production of a Pinter play is a journey of exploration. Little in the way of obvious action takes place but much is seething beneath the surface waiting to be explored. This play focuses on t... over 17 years ago

The Passion of Jerome

180th Production. Jerome Furlong is a successful businessman whose life has been carefully constructed from layer upon layer of lies. Jerome wanted to be an architect, building cathedrals but he’s ... about 7 years ago

Passion Play

Peter Nicols\' clever, ingenious play is a dissection of adultery. The title contains a deliberate pun for this is a play about sexual love and suffering and the fragile line which divides them. Bo... almost 21 years ago


183rd Production. First performed at the National Theatre in October 2012, this touching and funny play had a star-studded cast headed by Frances de la Tour, Nicholas le Prevost, Peter Egan and Lin... about 6 years ago

The Pilgrimage (Festival)

over 17 years ago

Player Queen (Festival)

Performed as one of three plays in the non-competitive Egham Drama Festival alongside The Parting and Prince Florenzel - Detective over 63 years ago


9th production. Presented as a double bill with A Visitor of Distinction over 71 years ago

Present Laughter

51st production. over 52 years ago

Pride and Prejudice

40th Production. To mark the 40th production, this play demanded a cast of 20 and a recruitment drive resulted in an influx of new talented members, many of whom stayed with RDG for many years. The... over 56 years ago

Primrose Way (Festival)

The ageing bag lady who opens the play is the eponymous Primrose Way, once a professional actress. As she reminisces about her life, her story unfolds and we see her enthusiastic, youthful self ret... about 8 years ago

Prince Florenzel - Detective (Festival)

Performed as one of three plays in the non-competitive Egham Drama Festival alongside The Parting and Player Queen over 63 years ago

Privates on Parade

This semi-autobiographical account of the British Army in Singapore in 1948 is the starting point of one of Peter Nichols' funniest plays. Designed in the form of a variety show, the play concerns... about 21 years ago


169th production. Proof is a 2000 play by American playwright David Auburn. Premiered Off-Broadway in May 2000, it transferred to Broadway theatre in October 2000. The play won the 2001 Pulitzer Pr... about 11 years ago

The Proof Of The Poison

39th Production. First play directed for RDG by Judith Dolley. This production was also notable for its fine setting, constructed by newcomer Peter Slark, who was to go on to lead the backstage tea... about 57 years ago

The Purification (Festival)

about 43 years ago

Pvt. Wars (Festival)

Pvt. (‘Private’) Wars is about Vietnam veterans trying to recuperate in an Army veterans’ hospital in the 1970s. It is an extremely funny one act comedy for three young (fighting age) men, with st... about 7 years ago