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Wait Until Dark

53rd production. A thriller. The first play to rehearse at 'The Cowshed' RDG's rehearsal and set building premises behind St John's Church in Egham which was to be the group's 'home' for the next 2... over 50 years ago

The Waiting Room (Festival)

Entry into 1974 Staines Festival (adjudicator Graham Suter) and Hillingdon Festival (adjudicator Wynfred Wedd). This was a late entry into the festivals as they were short of entries. The play was ... over 49 years ago

What the Butler Saw (Festival)

over 35 years ago

When We Are Married

170th Production. 1908. In the heart of Northern England, three respectable couples, married on the same day, at the same church and by the same vicar, join to celebrate 25 years of blissful matrim... about 10 years ago

When We Are Married (1)

almost 44 years ago

Whipping It Up

A sharp, slick, cynical comedy, recently released for amateurs, based around how the Whips operate in Westminster. Scandalously funny it has the same kind of feel as the TV series ‘Yes Minister’. S... over 13 years ago

White Christmas

182nd Production. One of the most famous and well-loved films of all time is brought to the stage, telling a story of love and loyalty through the wonderful music and lyrics of Irving Berlin. A col... almost 6 years ago

White Liars (Festival)

over 30 years ago

White Lies (Festival)

This play is a wonderful comedy with a great comic script written for five women. The comedy is easily found in the text and will require straight delivery to get the most out of the lines. Each ch... over 12 years ago

Who Was Hilary Maconochie? (Festival)

This play is to be RDG's entry in the Woking and Spelthorne & Runnymede Drama Festival 2009. James Saunders was one of Britain’s main exponents of the Theatre of the Absurd in the 1960s and la... about 13 years ago

Whose Life is it Anyway?

almost 42 years ago

Wings (Festival)

over 36 years ago

The Witch of Wookey

26th production. almost 63 years ago

Woman in Mind

about 26 years ago